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Kaizen No-Michi School of Shotokan Karate

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The Emily Bailes CCLG Fund

Emily died on 8th March 2008 after her very brave 4 year battle with Cancer.
Emily's family and friends wanted to do something to help other children and try to help fund research into childrens cancer.
So on 4th July 2008, to mark what would have been Emily's10th birthday, they launched The Emily Bailes Fund.
So far they have raised over £30,000, for the CCLG, and are well on target to reach their goal of £100,000 by Emily's 21st birthday.
If you would like to make a donation or require further information, please click on the link below.
Kaizen No-Michi School of Shotokan Karate organises and actively takes part in events to support The Emily Bailes CCLG Fund.
Students and friends of the school raised funds by taking part at the Lumbard Fun Run held in Grimsby, and more recently a Keep Fit class held by Amanda Bailes, Emily's Mum.