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Kaizen No-Michi School of Shotokan Karate

The Path to Constant and Never Ending Improvement

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Latest News

Saturday 9th September

Kaizen No-Michi Course & Kyu Grading

with Sensei Steven Carless 6th Dan JKS


A great course and Kyu Grading with many thanks to Sensei Steven Carless 6th Dan JKS. Well Done to all our students on passing

there grades. Also, thank you to Richard Fewkes (JKS Sheffield), Paul & Rebbecca Brant & Matt Beard (JKS Selby), Steve Ashby (Bristol SKI) and students from SKI Romania for travelling over to Grimsby to train.

Saturday 9th September
Kaizen No-Michi Tigers 15th-10th Kyu Grading
with Sensei Andrew Jones 5th Dan JKS
Congratulations to our Tigers that graded. Very good performance from everyone. Oss!!

Sunday 16th July

JKS Bears On The Beach


Families and Bears of our dojo joined up with like minded members of Selby & Haxby Karate Clubs in Cleethorpes for a family picnic mixed with a little karate on the beach. The event Bears On The Beach, which is in its fifth year running was a success with over 40 students training.

Four training sessions ran through the day which were led by Sensei Paul Brant of Selby Karate, Sensei Jim Bamford of Haxby Karate 
and Sensei's Andrew & Jackie Jones of Kaizen No-Michi. The first session was led by Sensei Andrew Jones 5th Dan which consisted of 
Kata (Forms) and practical applications. A quick break, then Sensei Paul Brant 3rd Dan taught a fun session, learning how to break or roll 
out of a fall. Sensei Jim Bamford 2nd Dan followed with a great session with take down moves, which everyone soon had there faces planted
in the sand. Sensei Jackie Jones 4th Dan took the reigns for the last session. The session began with kumite (sparring) techniques,
which later led to a fun game of rounders for team spirit.


We have been running another event called Kangeiko (7 day early Morning Winter Training) On The Beach every January for the past 8 years. Haxby & Selby clubs began to join us on the beach for the final days session. They enjoyed it so much that they suggested we did something
in the Summer. So Bears On The Beach was formed as a more informal session on the beach to bring all our clubs mini martial artists,
parents and older students together as one big family. Hope you can join us next year for Kangeiko and Bears On The Beach.

Saturday 18th June

JKS National Kyu Grade Championships



A very hot but enjoyable day at the JKS Kyu Grade National Championships in Nottingham. Congratulations to Christopher T on his Bronze medal. Also, Congratulations to Andrew Sensei's Nephew Callum Hulse Who trains at Walsall Dojo. Amazing performances Winning gold in Kumite and Bronze in Kata.

Saturday 3rd June

Kaizen No-Michi Tigers 15th - 10th Kyu Grading

with Sensei Andrew Jones 5th Dan JKS

On Saturday 3rd June, we held our Tigers 15th - 10th Kyu grading with Andrew Sensei. The Junior Karate Programme teaches a modified 

syllabus for children 5 - 10 years. All Tigers roared with success. No Kittens in our Dojo. Well Done!

Saturday 27th May

Kaizen No-Michi 10th Anniversary Course & Kyu Grading

with Sensei Steven Carless 6th Dan JKS


An amazing course and kyu grading with Sensei Steve Carless 6th Dan JKS, in celebration of our dojo's 10th Anniversary. Sensei 

covered  katas Tekki Shodan and Kashu in much detail, which then was followed by kumite techniques. Thank you to everyone that 

trained, particularly those who travelled over from Bradford, Lincoln, Nottingham, Sheffield, Selby and Walsall. Well Done to all our students 

that graded.  Following training we all met up at Papas Fish & Chip restaurant on Cleethorpes Pier.

Sunday 30th April

JKS England Novice Championships



On Sunday 30th April 9 members of our dojo travelled to York to compete at the JKS England Novice Championships, hosted by Selby Shotokan Karate Club. The annual championships are held for all ages, kyu grades and Shodans under 1 year tenure, but is closed to JKS England squad members. The event was also the first test of the new JKS England rules which are now closely aligned to WKF rules.
There was a total of 303 entries in the 17 events. Congratulations to the following students:
Ben Chase: Over 16 - Mixed Kata - Beginner to 3rd Kyu - Silver Medalist    18 Years & Above Male Kumite - Beginner to 3rd Kyu - Champion
Luke Wren-Stringer: Over 16 - Mixed Kata - 2nd Kyu to Shodan - Champion    18 Years & Above Male Kumite - 2nd Kyu to Shodan - Bronze Medalist
Alishia Romagnuolo: 9 to 11 Years - Female Kumite - Silver Medalist                   
Also, Well Done to Cian Rhys-Waterman, Alfie Jackson, James Gale, Kacper Wroblewski, Brooke Wren-Stringer, and Christopher Ratcliffe.
A great achievement from everyone that competed. Weather they won medals or not, they were all champions for stepping on to the matt. And although we took a smaller team this year, we still took a very respectful 4th place on the results table.

Saturday 11th March

Sensei Andrew '5th Dan JKS'

A trip to Japan was the start of Sensei Andrew Jones' journey to being awarded his 5th Dan JKS black belt. In October 2016 Sensei's Andrew & Jackie travelled along with JKS England Chief Instructor Alan Campbell 7th Dan & JKS England members. They travelled to train at the infamous Tokyo based JKS Honbu Dojo, the world headquarters for the Japan Shotoremnei Karate organisation & to attend the World technical seminar at karate's elite Teikyo University. A week of intense training twice a day at the Honbu Dojo was followed by the 2 day seminar where instructor representatives from countries all over the world attended to train together & gain experience first hand from Japan's best instructors.The head of JKS is Shihan Masao Kagawa 8th Dan JKS who is also the chariman of the World Karate Federation.WKF is now well known as the federation that brought Karate to the Olympics to be held in Tokyo 2020.Following the trip Andrew was invited to grade for his 5th Dan along side JKS England chief instructor Alan Campbell who was grading for his 7th Dan. The gradings were held in Nottingham on Saturday March 11th 2017 on Shihan Kagawa's annual JKS England technical seminar.Throughout the course Kagawa Shihan delivered vital detail, training exercises and humour which made for an inspirational seminar.Always well received, Kagawa Shihan gives all aspects of teaching his full attention with an infectious enthusiasm that gets the best out of all levels of karateka.5th & 7th Dan grades are a very high level, it takes many years of training, teaching & dedication to attain them & a high standard of karate is expected to gain a pass.Both Andrew & Alan passed their grades with plenty of positive feedback from Kagawa Shihan.

Saturday 4th March
Kaizen No-Michi Course & Kyu Grading
with Sensei Steven Carless 6th Dan
A great course and kyu grading with Sensei Steve carless 6th Dan. Congratulations to everyone that graded.

Saturday 4th March
Kaizen No-Michi Tigers 15th-10th Kyu Grading
with Sensei Andrew Jones 4th Dan

Congratulations to all our tigers that graded today. Keep up the hard work. Oss

Sunday 19th February
JKS England Course & Grading
with Alan Campbell Sensei 6th Dan

We are very proud to announce that three members of our dojo achieved their Shodan Black Belts at the JKS England Course and

Grading in York. Eden Nicholson, Alishia Romagnuolo and Luke Stringer became the latest members to join the exclusive band of

karate-ka honored to wear the black belt, after months of hard training as preparation.The examination took place under the watchful eyes of Sensei's Alan Campbell, Steven Carless and Mike Gude.

JKS England Brown & Black Belt New Years Course
with Alan Campbell Sensei 6th Dan
A great course with Sensei Alan Campbell 6th Dan. After many rounds of exhausting Tabata exercises, the session lead onto 
kumite techniques followed by Kata Junro Godan.

Kangeiko 'On The Beach' 2017
Kangeiko 'On The Beach' 2017. The 7 day Intense Karate Winter Training, saw Karate-ka turning up at 6am every morning in the 
freezing cold on Cleethorpes Beach, fully committing to the spirit of Kangeiko.
The rewards of building camaraderie, spirit and a sense of joint accomplishment. On the final day, Haxby & Selby Karate clubs travelled 
over to join us on the beach. Well Done everyone that attended Kangeiko. And Congratulations to the following students for completing all 
7 days: Christopher Ratcliffe, Kai Ratcliffe, Lynne Short, Ben Chase, Cian Rhys-Waterman, Jasmine Pattinson, Luke Stringer, Brooke Wren.