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Kaizen No-Michi New Archive 2016

Thursday 15th December
KNM Christmas Special & Annual Awards Presentation
The last training session of 2016 and our annual awards presentation.    

Saturday 10th December
JKS England Christmas Course
with Sensei's Alan Campbell, Matt Price & Hans Rana

Absolutely enjoyed the JKS England Christmas Course with Sensei's Alan Campbell, Matt Price and Hans Rana.
Looking forward to another great year events in 2017. 
Have a great Christmas everyone.

Saturday 26th November 
KNM Course & Kyu Grading
with Steven Carless Sensei 6th Dan JKS

Well Done to all our students that graded today. A fantastic turnout for the training session. Many thanks to Richard
& Joanna from Jks Sheffield, Duncan & students from JKS Shogai, and Steve Ashby from Kyoto KC, Bristol.
As always, a big thank you to Steve Carless Sensei for travelling to Grimsby, for a very informative training session and
Kyu grading. Some great feedback for students attempting Dan grades.

Monday 21st, Wednesday 23rd & Thursday 24th November
KNM Tigers Grading
with Andrew Jones Sensei
A busy week at the dojo with the Tigers gradings. We also made a special presentation between our classes on Thursday to
Reg Stembridge. He had been the caretaker of the sports department at Ormiston Maritime Academy for the last 14 years and
retired on Friday.On behalf of the Instructors and students of Kaizen No-Michi, we would like to wish Reg all the best for the future
and hope he enjoys his well earned rest. Thanks Reg

Sunday 20th November
JKS England National Open Karate Championships
at Wildcats Arena, Nottingham
Well Done to all Kaizen No-Michi students that entered the JKS England National Championships.
Amazing results from everyone wether they took medals or not. James and Alishia had fought some quite tall opponents. 
However they both fought with amazing spirit. They also both gave great performances in kata.
Matthew, Christopher & Alfie all performed well in there events today. Keep it up guys. 
Cian was on fire today.
Great performance in kata. And what an achievement,taking Silver in boys Kumite, narrowly missing out on Gold.
Ben showed an amazing performance in kata. He was the lowest grade belt in his category but came home with Bronze.
A fantastic achievement. Luke again gave an excellent performance in kata taking Gold. 
Also fantastic results in Kumite taking him to the last 4 fighters on his tatami. Brooke teamed up with Joanna Fewkes from JKS Sheffield
 and Tanya Handley from Walsall Karate Dojo, to form team '3 Counties'. An amazing result taking gold in women's team Kumite.
A big thank you to Lynne Short Sensei for helping out with coaching. And also thank you to the families of our students for coming along to
support us. Again, well done everyone. Very proud of what you have achieved. 

Monday 31st October
KNM Halloween Spooktacular
Happy Halloween. Great night at our Halloween Spooktacular. Hope you all enjoyed it as much as Sensei Jackie and myself.

Saturday 29th & Sunday 30th October
JKS England Autumn Course
with Sensei Koji Arimoto

The JKS England autumn seminar was once again held at the Djanogly City Academy in Nottingham, with students treated to

Arimoto Sensei’s first visit to the country and for all involved an unforgettable weekend. Arimoto Sensei is a former WKF Team Kata

World Champion from 2012 and the reigning JKS World and All-Japan Kata Champion, accolades which still cannot do justice to the 

technical  ability showcased over the weekend of the 29th and 30th October. Arimoto Sensei is currently on the JKS Instructor’s Course but

maintains a busy schedule with teaching and competition high on the agenda.

Sunday 2nd October
JKS England Course
with Alan Campbell Sensei 6th Dan JKS

The October JKS brown & black belt course was hosted at the Djanogly City Academy in Nottingham.

Students of Kaizen No-Michi took part in the well attended course taught by Alan Campbell Sensei.

Kata's Tekki Shodan, Nidan and Sandan were covered in much detail.

Sunday 18th September
Course with Alan Campbell Sensei 6th Dan JKS
Grantham Karate Club
Great training session yesterday at Grantham K.C with Alan Campbell Sensei. Kata's Kashu, Kakyoku Shodan and Sandan
were practiced in detail. Many thanks to Geoff & Elizabeth Dixon for the invite.

Saturday 13th August
KNM Course & Kyu Grading
with Sensei Steven Carless 6th Dan JKS
A great course and grading with visiting senior JKS Instructor, Steve Carless Sensei 6th Dan. Well Done to all our students that graded.

Wednesday 10th & Thursday 11th August
KNM Tigers 15th - 10th Kyu Grading
with Sensei Andrew Jones 4th Dan
Due to school holidays, there were not many Tigers in attendance but congratulations to everyone that passed their grades.

Thursday 28th July
Course with Sensei Saori Okamoto 3rd Dan JKS
Walsall Dojo
Awesome course at Walsall Karate Dojo with JKS Headquarters instructor Saori Okamoto Sensei
 A very inspirational instructor with amazing technical ability.

Tuesday 26th July
Course with Sensei Saori Okamoto 3rd Dan JKS
Leeds Karate Academy
Okamoto Sensei was simply inspirational at Leeds Karate Academy. JKS Karate at its best!

Saturday 23rd - Sunday 24th July
JKS Summer Camp
Djanolgy City Academy
On the weekend of the 23rd and 24th of July, JKS England proudly hosted the all grades annual summer course in Nottingham.
 An ever increasing attendance meant a record number of students enjoyed two hot days of physically testing and thoughtful instruction.
Alan Campbell Sensei, Head of JKS England introduced the instructors for the weekend as Matt Price  and Steve Carless Sensei, who were to be
joined by a very special karate-ka from the JKS Hombu Dojo (headquarters) in Tokyo, Saori Okamoto Sensei.

Sunday 10th July
JKS Bears On The Beach
August has been a little quite this month due to school holidays. However, we have had a great start to the autumn with success of all our 
students  that graded this month. Congratulations to all our 15th - 10th Kyu Tigers that graded. The main syllabus grading followed on the weekend
with visiting senior JKS instructor, Sensei Steve Carless 6th Dan. A great turnout for the training session with Steve sensei from our senior class
students. It was also good to see visitors Sensei Duncan Blades from Kettlethorpe and Matt Beard from Selby who came along to train. Three training
sessions ran through the day which were led by Sensei Paul Brant of Selby Karate and Sensei's Andrew & Jackie Jones. The first session consisted of
fun based kihon (basic techniques)with Sensei Paul. After a quick break, the focus was on kumite (sparring) take down techniques with Sensei Andrew.
It was'nt long until everyone was face down in the sand. The last session began with kata (Forms) with Sensei Jackie, which later led to a game of rounders.

Sunday 12th June
JKS Brown & Black Belt Course
Djanogly City Academy, Nottingham
The course was delivered by JKS England National Squad Coach Matt Price Sensei (6th Dan) and JKS Wales National Squad Coach Matt Stockham
Sensei (4th Dan) JKS, standing in for Alan Campbell Sensei (Head of JKS England) who was recovering from injury. Big thanks must go to both
instructors for their input on what was a very varied and absorbing course with another impressive attendance.

Saturday 22nd May
Kaizen No-Michi Course
with Sensei Hans Rana 5th Dan JKS

A great atmosphere at our dojo on Saturday 22nd May, when Hans Rana Sensei visited our dojo to teach two very energetic and exciting training
sessions.  The first session kicked off with our Tigers. Everyone trained hard and showed great spirit. Then on to the second session with the adults
class. Training was JKS Honbu style with many kion techniques that put everyone through their paces, but was enjoyed by all. Then it was onto Kata.
Hans Sensei covered Junro Godan, Heian Godan, Junro Yondan and Heian Yondan. To finish, we had a treat when Sensei covered in detail Asai
Kata Kashu. Many Thanks to Hans Sensei for a great course and Janak Sensei for travelling over from Loughborough. Also Many thanks to
Sensei Duncan and students from Sho Gai Karate in Lincoln and Sensei Paul and students from Selby/Haxby for travelling over to train.

Friday 21st May
Course with Matt Price Sensei 6th Dan JKS
Sheffield JKS

Great training session on a very warm evening at JKS Sheffield with Sensei Steven Carless 6th Dan. After a vigorous but very enjoyable warm up,
Kumite techniques were covered during the first half of the course. Then it was onto Kata's Heian Godan and Gojushiho Sho which were also covered
in much detail. Many Thanks to Steve Sensei for a great course and also thanks to Richard Fewkes and students of JKS Sheffield for their hospitality.

Sunday 1st May
JKS England Novice Karate Competition
On Sunday 1st May 8 students of Kaizen No-Michi competed at the JKS England Novice Competition in York. It was a very
eventfull day with over 340 entries working flat out across the 3 tatami areas. A credit to Paul Brant Sensei
(Selby Karate) and everyone
that supported the event.
A very proud day for our Dojo as Luke Stringer took Bronze in Mens Kata and Kumite. Brooke Wren also took Bronze in
Ladies  Kumite. Matthew Ross was in top performance, taking Bronze in Kata and Gold in Kumite, He was also awarded joint Grand Champion.
A great achievement for Matthew in his final Novice Competition.  Our Tigers didn't bring home any medals this time but gave outstanding
performances in all events. Many thanks to Lynne Short Sensei for coaching on the day.

Saturday 23rd April
Kaizen No-Michi Course and Kyu Grading
with Steven Carless Sensei 6th Dan JKS

A big Thank You to Steven Carless Sensei for travelling over to Grimsby to conduct a great training session and Kyu grading. Also thank you to
Matt Beard from Selby Karate for supporting us. Well Done to everyone that graded. Oss

Wednesday 20th & Thursday 21st April
Kaizen No-Michi Tigers 15th - 10th Kyu Gradings
with Andrew Jones Sensei 4th Dan

Our 15th Kyu - 10th Kyu grading taken during Wednesday and Thursday evening classes.
Well Done to our Tigers who graded.

Friday 22nd April
Course with Matt Price Sensei 6th Dan JKS
Sheffield JKS

A great evening out for 6 members of our dojo, as we travelled over to JKS Sheffield to train with Matt Price Sensei.
Kata Jion was covered in detail followed by Kumite practice and grappling techniques.
A big thank you to Richard Fewkes Sensei and members of JKS Sheffield for welcoming us to your dojo. Oss

Sunday 17th April
EKF Championships
Ponds Forge, Sheffield
Great performance from Lacie Stembridge competing as part of the JKS England Kata Squad at the EKF Championships in Sheffield.
Results: Bronze - Junior Female Kata, Bronze - Cadet/Junior Team Kata.

Thursday 7th - Sunday 10th April
WKF Open Premier League

Well Done to Lacie Stembridge who competed as part of the JKS England Team in Kata events at the WKF Open Premier League in
Dubai. No medals this time but Lacie gave a great performance and the experience of this elite event was invaluable.

Sunday 3rd April
JKS England Brown & Black Belt Course with Sensei Alan Campbell
Seven members of our dojo enjoyed a great course that was also a record turnout at the JKS Brown & Black Belt Course with
Alan Campbell Sensei. Emphasis was given on co-ordination and timing in basic technique, and speed to deliver the technique.
The kata Kankudai was covered in detail towards the end of the session.

Monday 14th March
Kaizen No-Michi Training Session with Sensei Duncan Blades
A great training session at our dojo with Sensei Duncan Blades. Thank You for traveling over to Grimsby.

Friday 4th - Saturday 5th March
JKS England Technical Seminar with Masao Kagawa Shihan


The JKS Technical seminar was held by Masao Kagawa Shihan in Nottingham. The course had over 200 participants over the two days.

Many core conditioning exercises were performed along with speeddrills, tai sabaki, ashi sabaki incorporated into various kumite drills.

Full body motion was emphasised on all kihon drills with the use of the hips on all techniques, katas covered were Heian 1-5, Tekki

Shodan, Bassai Dai, Enpi, Jion, Sochin. Sensei's Andrew, Jackie and Lynne were invited to a meal Friday evening where Kagawa

Shihan happily conversed with senior members of JKS England about all aspects of karate and his life.

Wednesday 2nd - Thursday 3rd March
Kaizen No-Michi Sponsored Kick in aid of Sport Relief


Weheld a sponsored kick event and raised £330.50 in aid of Sport Relief. Each student hadto roundhouse kick a bag as many times
 as they could in a minute. A huge Well Done to everyone that participated
and thank you to all that supported us for a great cause.
Seniors Most Kicks: Steve Cammell, Alishia Romagnuolo

Tigers Most Kicks: Sampath Alavala, Charlotte Stenhouse. Most funds Raised: AlishiaRomagnuolo, Ruby Hornett

Saturday 27th February
Kaizen No-Michi First Aid Course
at Singleton Assoc. Safety Training Centre, Grimsby


Kaizen No-Michi students attended a very informative and enjoyable first aid course at Singleton Associates Safety Training Centre in Grimsby.
The course was held by Nigel Singleton who also as a karate instructor, based much of the training around sports injuries in martial arts as well as basic first aid.
Everyone passed the course and now holds a basic first aid training certificate, valid for three years.
Well Done to everyone on the course and thank you to Nigel Singleton. We will certainly book again in the future.

Saturday 30th January
Kaizen No-Michi Course And Kyu Grading
with Sensei Steven Carless 6th Dan


Well Done to all our students that passed their Kyu Grades. Our Tigers graded under Sensei Andrew Jones 4th Dan during
Wednesday and Thursday sessions. The Senior class grading was held on Saturday 30th January under Sensei Steven Carless 6th Dan.

Monday 11th - Sunday 17th January
Kangeiko On The Beach


We have celebrated the New Year by following an annual Japanese tradition shared by other Karate, Kendo, Judo and aikido practitioners

around the world, that reaffirms their commitment to their art. The annual 7 day event is calledKangeiko orliterally translated "cold training".

Kangeiko challenges the mind, body and spirit of the participants through practice under adverse conditions.

Most martial artists meet up in their unheated dojo’s (training halls) however Kaizen No-Michi took to Cleethorpes beach in the cold and dark

January mornings. The mornings began with a 15 minute jog along the seafront followed by 45 minutes of intense training on the beach, which varied from

basic Karate drills to freestyle sparring & self defence techniques.On the last day of Kangeiko, Kaizen No-Michi welcomed fellow Instructors

and students from Selby Shotokan Karate Club and Haxby Shotokan Karate Club.  The hour had flown by & everyone was ready for the finale,

a very well earned full English breakfast at Browns Cafe, which also gave everyone the opportunity to socialise. A great time was had by all.

Well done to everyone that attended and a big thank you to Selby and Haxby Karate Clubs for travelling over to join us in Cleethorpes.

Sensei Paul Brant, Chief instructor of Selby karate said “This was the fifth year that a group of students have travelled from Selby

to join Kaizen No-Michi for their Kangeiko’ This year a group of seven left Selby at around 5.30 am to travel to Cleethorpes.

Another great Kangeiko session lead by Sensei Andrew from Kaizen No-Michi. Now fully refreshed in the cold morning air and fully motivated for 2016.

Sensei Jim Bamford, Assistant Instructor of Haxby Karate said” We have been joining our friends from Kaizen No-Michi at their Kangeiko

for four years now and everyone who attends from Haxby really looks forward to it as part of the highlight of the year. Despite having to

get up before 5am to get to Cleethorpes, we would not miss it, It is great to come along and train with such a friendly and welcoming group of people.