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Kaizen No-Michi School of Shotokan Karate

The Path to Constant and Never Ending Improvement

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Kaizen No-Michi News Archive 2013

Saturday 6th December

Kaizen No-Michi Christmas Party and Annual Awards Presentations
 A great evening with the karate family to end the year and celebrate our achievements.Well done to the following students awarded at our presentations:
                         Scott Rigby - Student of The Year        Dan Smith - Most Improved                          Sarah & Bradley Holt - Most Dedicated 
                         James Gale - Tiger of The Year           Charlie Kershaw - Most Improved Tiger        Alishia Romagnuolo - Most Dedicated Tiger
Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Saturday 6th December

Kaizen No-Michi Course and Kyu Gradings
with Sensei Steve Carless 5th Dan


Well done to all our students who graded, and thank you to Sensei Steve Carless for travelling over to Grimsby.


Sunday 24th November

JKS England Open Championships

Wildcats Arena - Nottingham  



Well Done to all our Tigers/Students who competed at the JKS England Championships.
Sofia Chakon Tuke - Silver - Kata, Chelsea Kershaw - Bronze - Kumite, Lacie Stembridge - Silver - Kata, Matthew Ross - Bronze - Kumite
Eden Nicholson, Alishia 'Ippon' Romagnuolo, Keiren Smylie - Bronze - Team Kumite
Also, very respectful 4th place in Ladies Kumite for Jade Taylor, and 4th place Girls Kumite - Lacie Stembridge
A big thank You to Sensei Jackie Jones for coaching, and also thank you to Lynne, Jade, Lacie and Kevin for helping out with the team.
And Lewis Simpson for (JKS Official- Time Keeping). And finally THANK YOU to all parents who came and supported us. Osu
Wednesday 30th October
Kaizen No-Michi Halloween Special
  The evening was a scream at our halloween special, with apple bobbing, Sensei Mummy Wrap, Zombie warm ups Spooky Kata and ghost bowling.
Join us if you DARE, next year.
Sunday 20th October
JKS Scotland National Championships
Congratulations to Lacie Stembridge who won Gold in girls kata at the JKS Scotland National Championships.
Sunday 29th September
Military Fitness Charity Event
Weelsby Woods, Grimsby
Kaizen Tigers Parent and Forces Fit Instructor Ashley Lucas is entering a marathon to raise money for BLESMA  (British Limbless Ex Servicemans Association) and the local Macmillan Suite at Grimsby Hospital. Ashley will be running the Snowdonia Marathon in October, voted the second hardest marathon in the UK. To make it a little harder he will be wearing an Elevation Training Mask set to 6000ft, on top of running up the massive hills!!
To help raise funds for these great causes Ashley ran a Military Fitness Charity Event for students, family and friends of Kaizen No-Michi. The event will provided effective, challenging and enjoyable workouts. Many thanks to
Ash and Amy Lucas, and everyone who came to support us.
Sunday 18th August
EKF South Yorkshire Open Championships
 Sorry, no pics
Well Done to Luke Townsend on getting to the Quarter finals in kumite at the South Yorkshire Open Karate Championships.
And congratulations to
Lacie Leigh Stembridge on taking Bronze in Girls Team Kumite, along with her team mates Amber Bannister and Sarah Howarth.
Friday 9th - Sunday 11th August
JKS Summer Camp
Torbay Leisure Centre,Paignton, Devon
A great weekends Summer Camp in Torbay
with Sensei's Alan Campbell 6th Dan, Scott Langley 6th Dan, Matt Price 6th dan and Steve Carless 5th Dan.
Sunday 7th July
EKF Central England Open Karate championships 
Walsall, West Midlands
Well Done to Lacie Stembridge and Congratulations to Luke Townsend on taking gold along with team mates Douglas Hunter
and Craig Williams in Mens Team Kata.
Saturday 6th July
Kaizen No-Michi Course and Kyu Gradings 
with Sensei Steve Carless 5th Dan
Well done to all our students who graded, and thank you to Sensei Steve Carless for travelling over to Grimsby.
Tuesday 25th June
JKS England Course with Sensei Takashi Yamaguchi 7th Dan
and Sensei Alan Campbell 6th Dan 
Walsall Karate Dojo 
A great evenings course at Walsall Karate Dojo with Sensei's Takashi Yamaguchi & Alan Campbell.
Emphasis on forward progression in kumite followed by Asai Kata 'Kakyoku Nidan'.
Sunday 19th May
JKS Irish Open Shotokan Championships
Congratulations to Luke Townsend and Lacie Stembridge competing at the JKS Irish Open Shotokan Karate Championships.
Luke - Team Kumite - Bronze Medalist
Lacie - Individual Kata - Silver Medalist
Sunday 7th April
JKS Selby and Haxby Special Course
with Senei's Rob McCartney, Scott Langley 6th Dan, and Alan Campbell 6th Dan
Over 70 karate-ka gathered at York University for a very special karate course with Sensei's Rob, Scott and Alan.
The course was held after students of Haxby Karate Club plotted a surprise for there Sensei's Mike and Ian. The surprise being to send Mike and Ian to this years annual JKS trip to Japan, with funds raised from the course.
Saturday 6th April
Kaizen No-Michi Training and Kyu Grading
with Sensei Steve Carless 5th Dan 
Congratulations to all our students that graded today. 9 Tigers now graded into our main syllabus. 
Friday 15th March - Sunday 17th March
JKS GB and Ireland Technical Seminar
with Sensei Masao Kagawa 8th Dan 
A great technical semiar with Sensei Masao Kagawa 8th Dan which consisted of 10 hours of karate over 3 days, which also included
black belt gradings. Congratulations to Jade Taylor and Lewis Simpson on achieving Nidan and to Lynne Short, Shodan.
 A great result for your hard work and dedication. Osu
Sunday 9th March
Seibukan JKS Childrens Karate Championships 
12 Talented Tigers represented KNM at the Seibukan Childrens Karate Championships in Nottingham.The competition saw talented
children from across the country, competing to a high standard. Well Done Tigers.
Results: Gold - Sofia Chakon-Tuke (Mixed Kata 9 - 15yrs)
Silver - Sofia Chakon-Tuke (Girls Kumite 9 - 15yrs)         Elliot Ryan (Mixed Team Kumite)          James Gale (Mixed Team Kumite)
Bronze - Kieran Smylie (Mixed Kata 5-8yrs)         Joshua Sykes (Boys Kumite 9-10yrs)         Ayesha Grewal (Girls Kumite 9-15yrs)
William Pykett - Thomas Gale - James Gale (Team Kata)   Elliot Ryan - James Gale (Mixed Team Kumite)
Priya Grewal - Ajeet Grewal - Daniel Lowry - Daniel Smith (Team JKS)
Sunday 24th February
York Course and Grading 
with Sensei's Alan Campbell 6th Dan & Scott Langley 5th Dan
A fantastic course and grading with Sensei's Alan Campbell 6th Dan and Scott Langley 5th Dan
which was hosted by Selby, York and Haxby Karate Clubs.
Tuesday 19th February

Evening Course with Sensei Steven Carless 5th Dan JKS

Akashi Dojo - Leeds

A great evenings training with Sensei Steven Carless at Akashi Dojo, Leeds.Heian kata and applications followed by Kashu kata.
Thank You to Sensei Glen Riley
 for inviting us over. Look forward to visiting again in the near future. Osu




Sunday 20th January
Kaizen No-Michi 'In the Snow' 
Peoples Park, Grimsby
Kaizen No-Michi students having fun in the snow at Peoples Park, Grimsby
Monday 7th - Sunday 13th January
Kangeiko 'On the Beach' 2013 
Cleethorpes Beach

Kaizen No-Michi School of Shotokan Karate have celebrated the New Year by following an annual Japanese tradition shared by other Karate, Kendo, Judo and aikido practitioners around the world, that reaffirms their commitment to their art.The annual 7 day event is called Kangeiko orliterally translated "cold training". Kangeiko challenges the mind, body and spirit of the participants through practice under adverse conditions. Most martial artists meet up in their unheated dojo’s (training halls) however Kaizen No-Michi took to Cleethorpes beach at 6am on the cold and dark January mornings.

Each day was lead by a different Karate-Ka (student) starting with Instructors and senior grades. This means that every session differs with each leader bringing their own style of motivation. The morning began with a 15 minute jog along the seafront followed by 45 minutes of intense training on the beach, which varied from basic Karate drills to freestyle sparring & self defence techniques. On the 7th & final day of Kangeiko, Kaizen No-Michi welcomed fellow Instructors and students from Selby Shotokan Karate Club and Haxby Shotokan Karate Club. They joined in with a more intense jog along the seafront incorporating a heavy punch bag which was passed between the students during full length of the run. The training consisted of partner work and some fun karate themed races to finish. The hour had flown by & everyone was ready for the finale, a very well earned full English breakfast, which also gave everyone the opportunity to socialise. A great time was had by all. Sensei Paul Brant, Chief instructor of Selby was the only person to travel join KNM last year. This year he returned with 7 of his students. He said “Always pleasure training with Kaizen No-Michi, great Instructors and fantastic Karate-ka. See you next year! Sensei Jim Bamford of Haxby said ‘Waking up at 5am in the morning is not usually my kind of fun, but I had a fantastic time, great training with a great bunch of people. Was it worth getting up so early and driving so far? definitely. Will I be back next year? You bet!

Also 12 year old Lacie Stembridge of Cleethorpes who had completed 6 of the 7 days had to miss the final day to travel to Leeds for the selections of the JKS England Elite Squad to compete at National and International events. A huge well done to Lacie as she was successful in being selected for both the Kata (forms) & Kumite (fighting) squad. Sensei Andrew Jones said “Lacie’s determination and commitment to her karate has definitely paid off.  She is a credit to Kaizen No-Michi and an inspiration. She is one of the youngest members of the JKS England Elite Squad, What an Eventful weekend!