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 Latest News 2015

Saturday 25th July
JKS Bears On The Beach
Thank You to everyone that attended this event. For those who missed it, definitely missed out. Many Thanks for Army Fitness Instructor Ash Lucas and Sensei's Andrew Jones, Jackie Jones & Paul Brant for taking some very enjoyable sessions. See you all on the beach in January for

Saturday 13th June
Kaizen No-Michi Course and Kyu Grading
with Sensei Steven Carless 6th Dan JKS
A great training session with Walsall Karate Dojo Chief Instructor Sensei Steve Carless 6th Dan JKS.
Lots of leg exercises to strengthen Mawashi Geri and Yoko Geri kicks. Sensei also concentrated on Heian Nidan and Kakuyoko Nidan.
Thanks to Steve Sensei for travelling over to Grimsby. Also thanks to Paul Brant and Matt Beard for joining us. As always welcome.

Sunday 3rd May
JKS England Novice Championships

Well Done to all our students that entered. A total of 8 medals were won at the tournament with our school been ranked second place
as a whole in the competition.
Results: Matthew Ross - Male 14-16yrs Kumite Champion       Luke Stringer - 17yrs & over Kata Champion & Kumite Bronze Medalist
Alishia Romagnuolol -  Female 9-11yrs Kumite Champion           Ayesha Grewal - Female 9-11yrs Kumite Bronze Medalist
Priya Grewal - Female 12-13yrs Kumite Silver Medalist   Brooke Wren - Female 17yrs & above (Brown Belt & Above) Kumite Bronze Medalist
Jasmine Pattinson - Female 17yrs & Above (White - Purple Belt) Bronze Medalist.

Sunday 12th April
JKS England Brown & Black Belt Course
with Sensei Alan Campbell 6th Dan JKS
A great course with Sensei Alan Campbell 6th Dan followed by Open Squad training with JKS Team Coach, Sensei Matt Price 6th Dan,
and Referee Training with Sensei Geoff Dixon 5th Dan. 
Saturday 21st March
Kaizen No-Michi Course and Kyu Grading
with Sensei Steve Carless 6th Dan JKS
 A great training session and kyu grading with Sensei Steve Carless 6th Dan. Many thanks to Steve Sensei and to Rob Edwards, Mehrdad Kanani, Paul Brant and Matt Beard for travelling over to Grimsby. And Well Done to all our students that passed their grades today.
Saturday 14th March
JKS England Young Childrens Karate Competition
Djanogly City Academy, Nottingham
Well Done to all our Tigers that competed at the JKS Young Childrens Competition in Notingham.


Ben Clipsham - Silver - Ind Kata, Bronze - Mixed Team Kumite         Alishia Romagnolo - Bronze - Ind Kata, Silver - Ind Kumite

Priya Grewal - Gold - Ind Kumite          Ayesha Grewal - Bronze - Ind Kumite           Cian - Gold - Mixed Team Kumite

Eden Nicholson - Silver - Mixed Team Kumite         Sampath Alavala - Bronze - Mixed Team Kumite

6th - 7th March
JKS Technical Seminar with Shihan Masao Kagawa 8th Dan

Djanogly City Academy, Nottingham


Another fantastic 2 days of karate with Kagawa Shihan. Inspirational, technical, amazing, exhausting... A few words to describe the experience! Huge Oss to everyone who graded! Also a huge Thank you & Oss Wendy & Alan Sensei for your hospitality.
Sunday 19th February
JKS Course and Dan Grading

A very enjoyable Course with Alan Campbell Sensei and Shinji Nagaki Sensei followed by Black Belt gradings in York.
Well Done to
Lacie Leigh Stembridge on achieving her 2nd Dan(Nidan) Black Belt.

Sunday 15th February
Karate-A-Thon 2015
KNM team Wasshoi were part of over 60 JKS members, representing nine clubs, taking part in the JKS England Squad Karate-a-thon fundraising event on Sunday 15th February. Led by England squad coach Matt Price Sensei a team of nine squad members taught a variety of lessons of a period of twelve hours. Matt Price Sensei led the first session, exploring kata with different styles of bunkai, this was followed by some traditional kihon by Craig Williams, focussing on hip movement. The first of the kumite sessions was led by Richard Fewkes, veteran member of the squad, whose session focused on developing timing using gyakuzuki. Douglas Hunter concentrated on kata performance and application, sharing knowledge that has helped him win an abundance of kata medals over the years. An excellent session by Alexandra Simon came next, the use of shoulder snap to develop speed and power in te-waza, Alexandra demonstrating how to significantly increase the impact of a strike on an opponent. An hour of footwork drills and hand speed development, by Sam Coxon, made sure everyone was kept on their toes by the halfway point, literally! More kata next as Sam McVeigh explored over-emphasis of hip movement when performing kata slowly to develop correct hip movement when performing kata sharp and fast. A lively session by mens national kumite champion Tom Little, as he put everyone through their paces with an hour of plyometric exercise. Despite this coming eight hours into the event the energy and commitment shown was outstanding! An enlightening introduction to panantukan techniques (malaysian close combat) by Ben Richardson taught defences to street fighting and how these compliment our Shotokan training. Agile feet and agile minds were required for the penultimate session by Stephen Brown, a diverse range of kumite drills made sure no one was flagging as the end of the event drew nearer. The final session was taught by Sensei Matt Price, an intriguing, fascinating and enlightening insight into techniques that; well those that took part were sworn to secrecy not to impart to others! Anyone that wants to know will have to take part in a future karate-a-thon to find out what they were!
Saturday 17th January
Kangeiko On The Beach (Day 7)
21 Karate-ka took to the beach this morning on the final day of Kangeiko. Fantastic effort and commitment from everyone.
8 students completed all 7 days: Luke Stringer,
Brooke Wren, Allison Calthorpe, Lynne Short, Dan Smith, Matthew Ross, Kevin Pykett
And our Die Hard Tiger Eden Nicholson. They all received a Hearty Full English for there commitment.
Many Thanks to Everyone from Haxby and Selby clubs joining us today. Big Osu
Friday 16th January
Kangeiko On The Beach (Day 6)

Day 6 Completed. Well Done to everyone particularly those who have completed all. 6 days.
1 day to go. Don't forget its a 7am start tomorrow. We are also looking forward to meeting our friends from Selby and Haxby.




Thursday 15th January
Kangeiko On The Beach (Day 5) 

Day 5 and still going strong.Well Done Everyone.Wa Shoi




Wednesday 14th January
Kangeiko On The Beach (Day 4)

Day 4 Kangeiko with Sensei Jackie Jones. Great spirit, 14 attending on a very icy morning. The coldest one yet! Worked on Nijyushiho.




Tuesday 13th January
Kangeiko On The Beach (Day 3)
A very different training session that was definitely enjoyed by all with Forces Fit Instructor Ash Lucas. Many thanks to Ash, and we'll see you all on Day 4 with Jackie Jones Sensei.
Monday 12th January
Kangeiko On The Beach (Day 2)

Day 2 of Kangeiko Completed. 13 diehards were up and ready to go at 6 this morning. Thank You to Lynne Short Sensei for leading the session.

Sunday 11th January
Kangeiko On The Beach (Day 1)
Well Done to everyone who attended Kangeiko Day 1.
Quite a mild morning compared to last year. We started off with a few warm ups before a 20 minute jog along Cleethorpes Sea Front.
Then down to the beach for a spot of Tabata. After kion basics we went on to kion ippon then finished with Jitte Kata.