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Kaizen No-Michi School of Shotokan Karate

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Rules For Parents

Communication:Information needing to be communicated to parents/students (such as grading’s, schedule changes, events, etc.) will be announced at the dojo. Additionally, the change/information will also be communicated to students in at least one (probably most) of the following ways: Via posting on the website or facebook, and/or fliers handed to students at class. Students are asked to practice their awareness, discipline and self-reliance by paying careful attention to announcements at the dojo, and reading posts on our website.


Pick Up/Drop Off: The dojo requires that students be picked up at the dojo door, by a parent or guardian. Parents are not permitted to have their child to wait for them outside, or to come to the car park when they are done with class. Students will be required to wait inside the dojo and are not permitted to leave the dojo premises by themselves.


Washroom: If a child cannot use the toilet by themselves, parents MUST accompany that student to the washroom each time. If a child who cannot use the toilet properly by themselves asks to use the washroom during class, sensei will allow them to do so, but the parent must meet the child at the washroom and assist the child there. No sensei or instructor is permitted to assist any child in the washroom.


Sideline Coaching: After watching classes for weeks or maybe months, parents will become proficient in Japanese terminology, and will probably be able to do a number of techniques, kata or self defences. This is fantastic. However, absolutely no sideline coaching will be tolerated. If your child is doing something incorrectly, as difficult as it is, you must let the sensei correct the situation as he/she sees fit. DO NOT GIVE YOUR CHILD THE ANSWERS. This is especially important at Gradings. Parents will be warned once if this happens, but may be asked to stand in the outside corridor and watch through the glass window if they cannot refrain from coaching or giving answers to their child. This behaviour is considered unacceptable and will not be tolerated.


Sideline Distractions: If you are going to watch a class, or have friends and family who would like to watch a class, our spectator seating area is open to anyone. We encourage parents, siblings and anyone who can to watch their child in class! However, it is extremely important that the sideline noise be kept to a minimum. This means that talking should never rise above a whisper or a very low voice, mobile phones should be silenced, and young children should always be kept under strict supervision. No shouting, singing, loud talking or noisy toys are permitted. Remember, you are in a classroom where people trying to learn! At gradings, it is important to watch and try not to coach the students. Clapping and encouragement in moderation are welcome, but it is very difficult for the students to concentrate on what the sensei is teaching when there are many different voices yelling directions. Coaching, giving directions, or criticizing the students from the sidelines is never welcome. Parents who continually disrupt the students and show a lack of respect  for the participants in the class by criticizing or giving directions from the side will be asked to leave during classes.