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Kaizen No-Michi School of Shotokan Karate

The Path to Constant and Never Ending Improvement

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Shuseki Shihan Masao Kagawa 8th Dan

Chief Instructor of the Japan Karate Shotorenmei, Masao Kagawa Sensei is considered to be one of the best technicians ever to have graduated from the famous JKA instructors’ course.  He is famed for his superb kicking ability, agile movement and thoroughly precise kihon. Kagawa Sensei was JKA All Japan
Grand Champion in 1985 and went on to become JKA World Kumite Champion
in England, 1990.  He has won numerous other championships including a gold
in Team kata at the WKF world championships in Australia, 1996 and Grand Champion at the JKA (Asai faction) World Championships in Dubai, 1999. 
Kagawa Sensei now concentrates his efforts on the JKS and the JKF
national teams.

Considered to be one of the best instructors in Japan at the present time, he is head coach for the JKF national squad and has coached numerous world champions in both JKS and WKF.  As JKF head coach he recently led Japan to

the top of the medals table at the most recent WKF World Championships in Bremen, Germany, 2014.

With support from the elite members of JKS Hombu Dojo instructors and having studied Asai Sensei’s karate for many years, Kagawa sensei is well prepared to take the JKS to its next level of development.