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Kaizen No-Michi School of Shotokan Karate

The Path to Constant and Never Ending Improvement

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You cannot train through words.

You must learn through your body, enduring pain and anguish as you strive to discipline and polish yourself. You must believe that if others can do it, you can do it to.

Gichin Funakoshi

Founder of Shotokan Karate

Kaizen No-Michi translated means The Path to Constant and Never Ending Improvement. The Path No-Michi begins by attending classes regularly, allowing the student to identify specific changes to improve in their training. The student then making small changes, will obtain Kaizen, Constant and never ending improvement.


With regular karate training you will become more self confident, have greater self esteem, better concentration, flexibility & learn self defence all as you improve your fitness. It has also been proven to enhance children’s concentration and discipline, which has been seen to have a direct effect on school work.


It is important to us as a club to maintain a high standard of discipline along with a friendly family atmosphere. We believe that anyone has the ability to learn karate. You can start at any stage of your life, no matter your age, sex or fitness level, with the right spirit anyone can progress through regular training & the impact on your life can be astounding.


We have regular gradings to ensure that all our karate-ka (students) progress & reach the goals that they are set, to achieve black belt excellence. There are courses with top guest instructors before each grading.


We are affiliated to JKS (Japan Karate Shotorenmei) with whom there are national courses aimed at keeping training varied & interesting. For more info, visit

Over the course of 365 days, we must make today's techniques better than yesterday's and tomorrow's better than today's. This is the true spirit of

a Karate-ka.

Asai Sensei

Founder of Japan Karate Shotorenmei