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Kaizen No-Michi School of Shotokan Karate

The Path to Constant and Never Ending Improvement

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The JAPAN KARATE SHOTORENMEI (GB & Ireland) is directly affiliated to the Japan Karate Shotorenmei. In spring 2003 Alan Campbell, joined the JKS (GB & Ireland) and since has worked hard to promote JKS Shotokan karate.

There is only one chief instructor within the JKS and that is Asai sensei, therefore, affiliated countries have technical directors to maintain standards and guide students. Alan Campbell Sensei 6th Dan is the Chief Technical Director of England.

The aims of the JKS (GB & Ireland) are:
- To teach traditional Shotokan karate as taught at the JKS hombu dojo, Japan.
- To provide a fair, legitimate and democratically run organisation.
- To allow access to the best instruction and competition.
- To have all dan grades registered with Japan.
- To allow members to qualify as JKS instructors, examiners and referees.
- To help students and instructors achieve their goals within karate.
- To maintain and develop the connection with Japan.
- To actively promote JKS (GB & Ireland) members to enter Teikyo University and the Hombu Dojo Instructor’s Course.

The JKS (GB & Ireland) feels that only by being open and transparent, whilst simultaneously actively promoting talented students and instructors, can it develop and grow into a major force within the karate world. Members have a unique opportunity to enter Teikyo University and train at one of the best karate university clubs in the world. Under the daily guidance of Kagawa sensei, Teikyo Karate is the ultimate in training. It is also the fast track to Instructor’s course entry. The JKS (GB & Ireland) feel that the only way forward is to help and encourage our students to enter the course, and thereby promote and improve European karate.
Japan Karate Shotorenmei (GB & Ireland) Events
The JKS (GB & Ireland) is committed to bringing over the best instruction from Japan and Europe every year.

International Technical Seminars
Every year one international technical seminar is held in Ireland (last weekend in March) and one in the UK (first weekend in October). With the policy of bringing together both established instructors and new, up-and-coming talent the course content is always fresh and new. Kagawa sensei visits at least once, if not twice, a year and he is always assisted by at least two hombu dojo sensei. In the two years since the organisation was established, four technical seminars have been held. The last two have been fully booked, which means bigger venues and more instructors will be called upon for forthcoming events.

National Technical Seminars
The JKS (GB & Ireland) is part of JKS Europe. Every year, both the UK and Ireland hold three technical seminars with visiting Technical Directors from other affiliated JKS Europe countries. These seminars are designed to allow dojo students the opportunity to experience international standard karate at a reduced price. They are always popular and well subscribed. JKS Europe Summer Camp The JKS Europe Summer Camp is a very popular event for all grades and all ages. Held in the superb grounds of Fettes Collge, Edinburgh, people from all over Europe come and train on the intensive course which has become an important part of the JKS calendar. With instruction from Alan Campbell 6th Dan, and other guest instructors, classes are simply inspirational.

Annual Japan Trip
The highlight of the JKS (GB & Ireland) calendar is the annual trip to Japan. Taking place during the last week in January and the first week in February, small groups travel to do Kangeiko (special winter training) at the hombu dojo. This week long event is the epitome of Japanese tradition, which very few westerners have a chance to experience. Following this, the group travel north into the mountains, where they train at various private dojos of high-ranking JKS sensei. The trip is finished off with several days’ relaxation in the hot springs at the foothills of Mt Fuji. The trip is a dream come true for many karate-ka. 


JKS World Championships


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