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Members will be eligible to grade providing that they have a current JKS license and have met all the minimum requirements as set out on the table of each syllabus below. They must also ensure that any additional club requirements are met and permission is granted from the chief Instructors of Kaizen No-Michi.

Students from other Karate organisations who transfer to our club and have a JKS license issued to them may retain there current grade.(Dan grades must provide a copy of there Diploma as proof of there grade) Once they are at the required standard, they may continue to participate in gradings.

Kyu gradings will result in a Pass, Fail or Half Grade (Kari-Kyu). For Kari-Kyu, the student will be allowed to wear the belt of the grade being attempted but will be asked to re-take part of the examination at the next grading. If the re-take is passed then the student can be examined for the next grading on the same day. All students who have passed will be awarded a Kyu Grade Certificate.

Dan Gradings will be taken on JKS courses. Upon passing a Dan grading examination, the candidate will receive a Dan Grade Diploma issued from JKS Headquarters in Japan. Gradings from 6th Dan and above are very exceptional and strictly by invitation from the JKS.

9th Kyu
5th Kyu
8th Kyu
4th Kyu
7th Kyu
3rd Kyu
6th Kyu
2nd Kyu
1st Kyu
4th Dan
1st Dan
5th Dan
2nd Dan
6th Dan + 
3rd Dan
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