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Student License & Insurance

All JKS license applications, new and renewals now need to be actioned through the new on-line system via the JKS England website.
If you are managing the payments on behalf of another student, you can still use the system.
There are tutorial videos on the website to guide you through the application process.
On the new system, students don’t send any forms or stamped addressed envelopes. This will now be done by and from the JKS office making things simple and straight forward for the member, therefore the postage and packaging will be added on top of the price for a new license application. So from 1st August 2017 new applications processed via the website will be £24.50.

It is expected that all members of Kaizen No-Michi must be individually licensed members of the JKS, therefore it is the responsibility of all students to make sure that they have a current JKS License/membership. Failure to do so will have potential serious implications, particular in relation to insurance and safeguarding. Students cannot grade or compete without a current/valid JKS license.

Grimsby Karate Membership JKS
Martial Arts Membership Grimsby
Martial Arts Membership Cleethorpes
JKS Grimsby Karate Membership
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