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If you would like to add your own comments or are just inspired and would like to try Karate, please fill in your details at the bottom of this page. We look forward to hearing from you.

Ive been training for about 10 years and still e

Its the first hobby my 12 year old hasnt wanted to quit. He loves it. Gaining the 2 belts he has also boosted his confidence. Lovely club with great Sensei.

Gemma Grant, Grimsby

If you are looking for a new activity for yourself or your children, you probably wont be able to tell the difference between an underperforming club and an excellent club. Hopefully, I can help. This is an Excellent club, teaching traditional karate in a family friendly environment. I can highly recommend. A great club with great students. I am not a member of the club, just a karate enthusiast who lives 50 miles away who travels to train here 3 or 4 times a year.

Paul Brant, Selby Karate Club, Yorkshire

I have been a member of Kaizen No-Michi for a while now and can honestly recommend this club 100%. My reasons for joining.. To support my running and Cycling as the warm up sessions alone have stretches I'd never seen and Karate makes you strong flexible and supple. Also I've always wanted to learn self defense. Andy makes you feel welcome and is firm fair and funny, and has a wonderful way of explaining things so it's easy to understand, particularly good for the younger students. It is fast paced and fun and I have learnt a lot so far. Ben and Luke who also take lessons are also fantastic and a have different styles which makes it interesting. A absolutely fantastic club and one of the best things you can do for kids particularly is to give them a opportunity to protect their selves.

Katie Chase-Wright, Grimsby

Kids have been going for about 18 months now and love it. Very friendly and excellent coaching - highly recommended if you or your kids want to learn karate

Neil Jackson, Grimsby

Kaizen No michi ,is a brilliant club and has helped me with not just karate but life lessons such as leadership and confidence.

Daniel Lowry, Grimsby

Our children have been club members for a couple of years now and have found Karate to be a fantastic hobby. It is far more than just self defence. Students are constantly learning positive life skills. Andy and the whole KNM team are so supportive and family friendly!

Jane Stenhouse, Grimsby



Brilliant and friendly training, my kids love it, highly recommended

Lisa Jackson, Grimsby

If your interested in self defence, exercise, stress reduction, an activity for the kids or just think martial arts are cool, this is the place to be. Sensei Andy Jones and the other instructors combine impressive skill and knowledge of the martial arts with amazing teaching ability and admirable integrity which results in the lessons being challenging and fun in both the adults and children's classes. I would highly recommend this top notch karate club.

Ben Chase, Healing 


A fantastic friendly Karate club. My son is in the adult class and my daughter is in the Tigers class and both enjoy karate. I recommended this club to anyone of any age, who would like to learn karate.

Michelle Gale, Humberston



My daughter was 5 when she first started karate. The first few lessons all she did was cry and not want to paricipate, and at one point I thought it wasnt the hobby for her. We kept taking her and gradually she started to join in. 6 years and a BLACK BELT later Alishia thouroughly enjoys karate and its now a big part of life. Andy is fantastic with both the students and the parents. I can honestly say this karate club is like an extended family. Would recommend to anybody .

Linsey Short, Grimsby



Our daughter has been a part of Kaizen No-Michi for 6 years now. While always remaining extremely professional there is also a great family feel about the club. I cannot recommend them enough. Our daughter is nearly 12 now and loves 

training. Kaizen No-Michi and karate will always remain a big part of her life I'm sure!


Debbie Nicholson, Cleethorpes



My Son Alfie now 8 has been training for over 2 years and loves it. We can't recommend enough!
Leanne Brown Jackson, Grimsby

I have met the squad coach at competitions and spoken to some of the students and found them very well mannered and show up most respect to all whom they compete regardless of the result.

David Pearson, Walsall



Excellent karate club. Highly recommended.

Walsall Karate Dojo



A fantastic school. I traveled quite a few hours on recommendation of this school and wasnt disapointed. Family centric, 

fun and caters for elite training. Great school and staff.

James Martin, Nottingham



Myself and my daughter Rebecca were looking for another club since our last club had to change training days due to 

a venue change. Kaizen No-Michi was recommended too us by two different students and since going to our first taster 

sessions we haven't looked back The discipline and level of training are second to none and the group has an amazing 

family feeling about it. I myself cannot give the time i really need to because of other commitments but i ensure my daughter goes at least once per week. Even with one session a week i can see a noticeable difference in her strength and stances and she really does look forward to going to her sessions. I would highly recommend this Kaizen No-Michi to those seeking a new discipline or to any seasoned veterans who just need a change.

Martin Young, Grimsby 


' I teach at a local college on uniformed public service. Today in leadership, we looked at leaders or people that inspire us 

and who we aspire to be like. Each student had to stand up and give testament to this person. To give them an idea what 

I wanted from them I gave a testament myself. The person that sprung to my mind was Jackie Sensei. Since I have joined Kaizen No-Michi, she has been a total inspiration to me. Jackie Sensei is not only a fab teacher, but patient and gives her talent freely to all her students. I am certain that I am not the only student that feels this way. I am really grateful for everything that she has taught me so far and look forward to a happy future learning many more things. Thank You.

Allison Calthorpe, Grimsby



I joined Kaizen No-Michi after having a short break from karate after 8 years of previous training. I decided I needed a club that could offer me more opportunities , more inspiration and allow me to progress to a better standard of karate and Kaizen No-Michi fitted all my needs and more ! There is alway's something to learn and I am constantly learning new thing's, through the quality of teaching that the instructors offer. Kaizen No-Michi offers a great standard of teaching and opportunities, and there is always a warm spirited feeling in the dojo which all the students can get a long and relate to one another. I have made many friends from joining Kaizen No-Michi and hope to meet many more in the future. I look forward to my future with Kaizen No-Michi and hope to achieve more in competition and in my overall karate'.

Luke Townsend, Cleethorpes 


'I decided to take up Karate to help me improve my concentration and to get some exercise.It has also helped me gain confidence and it has made me stronger. I really enjoy the training and going to competitions. I also like the fact that it is a family and friendly atmosphere'.

Lacie Stembridge, Cleethorpes


'Karate was becoming boring for me at my old club, and I didn't want that. As soon as I moved to Kaizen No-Michi all of that changed. My love for Karate came back again and I found I was enjoying it more than ever and learning lots of new things. Karate is a great sport that most people don't know much about. But once you get started, you become completely hooked! I started when I was 8 and haven't stopped since. Kaizen No-Michi is a very friendly club and there is a real family feel to it. Everyone here, including the instructors, are helpfull and inspiring. I never thought that I would be competing but later on in the year I am looking forward to my first karate competition and I know that the students and instructors at Kaizen No-Michi will support me all the way with this'.

Jade Taylor, New Waltham



'My son has been training at the club for the past 2 years. It has given my son focus and the drive to achieve his goals. Both Sensei Andy and Jackie and all club members are friendly, team spirited and always supportive. I have recently got off the bench and joined myself and am really enjoying the art and wished I had joined sooner. A great way to exercise'.

Teresa Tuplin, Grimsby



'I joined Kaizen No-Michi shortly after my eldest daughter started. We came to this club as both my sister and my mum trained there and they told us how great it was. I never thought I would be any good at karate but decided to give it a go and found that I really enjoyed it. I have become quite passionate about karate. It gives you a sense of achievement every time you go as your always learning something new and can feel yourself getting better each time. I love seeing how my little girl’s confidence has grown, and now my youngest daughter goes it gives us a sense of unity doing something special together and growing together as a family, which is a lovely feeling'.

Sara Taylor, Cleethorpes



I really enjoy the different techniques and styles of exercise, It's a great a great way of meeting new people ,getting out of the house and away from the television screen and partaking in different forms of self defence'. The club is really friendly and host several activities throughout the year. All the members and teachers are really helpful. When I first joined I was fairly nervous having never done anything like Karate before, but I was soon made to feel very welcome by everybody including black belts, and immediately felt at home. I hope to continue to improve my Karate and hope to gain as many belts as possible and get fitter. 

'Tony Walker, Grimsby


'My youngest daughter and I joined the club about a year ago and found a renewed confidence in our karate. The level of training is very high and the encouragement from both Sensei's Andy and Jackie is brilliant. My daughter has now competed for the first time which she had not considered previously. After a few months both my Grandchildren joined the Tigers closely followed into the adult class by my husband and eldest daughter, so it has become a big family affair and goes to prove to us that you are never to old to start something new'.

Lynne Short, New Waltham



'Definitely the most friendliest club in the area. My daughter has been with them for 4 years now, its just like one big family with social events away from karate to. Highly recommend this club to anyone who's interested in taking up Karate'

Lee Stembridge, Cleethorpes



'I joined Kaizen No-Michi after a friend at work telling me about it and I thought I’d give it a go, and found I was welcomed by everyone there in such a small time space, that I was impressed with. Also shortly after joining, I joined in something called Kangeiko, that involved turning up at 6.00 am every morning in a 7 day intense karate winter training programme that made me feel that I had achieved something that cant be taken away'.

Chris Woods, Cleethorpes 



I would like to say a big thank you to Sensei's Andy and Jackie for everything they have done to help me reach my goals in the past two years. Its amazing what they do to help us achieve a higher grade, even when I sometimes go wrong. But I will never give up on what I have achieved by coming to their club. They are both great instructors, kind, cheerfull, caring and just amazing to put it that way. I love the fact I have met new people in the club and the fact they are all kind too. My sister also enjoys training and maybe one day she will be as good as her big sis (he-he). Its just great to know what brilliant instructors we all have. They push me and push me until I get it right so that when it comes to my grading I will achieve a better standard. Kaizen No-Michi just helps and puts us where we're meant to be'.

Charmaine Steer, Grimsby 



I got my son to join karate as he has lots of energy & felt it would be good for him for channel that energy into something positive. He trains hard & thanks to Sensei Jackie & Andy he is doing very well. The standard of training is really high which can be seen in the Dojo. There as always a welcoming atmosphere from both teachers & other parents watching. I would highly recommend Kaizen No-Michi.

Jenny Clipsham, Grimsby 



I joined karate when I was 5 I started of at Fix 'N' Kixs until I was 9 I took a 3 year break due to my knee, and didn't want to go back but I did last year last August but didn't enjoy it. At work my dad works with Lacie Stembridge's dad, and her dad told my dad about Kaizen No-Michi and we gave it ago. So in September last year I started and I really enjoy it, I see the Dojo as my family always helping one another. I have really learnt something from Kaizen No-Michi something's I never knew before, I want to thank sensei Jackie and sensei Andy for teaching me, helping me improve and I believe I have improved quite a lot.

Daniel Smith, Humberston 



My eldest daughter started karate last join, she originally started to generally have a hobby and to help build her confidence. Nearly a year later through the quality of training provided and the atmosphere which has made her feel welcome and comfortable throughout, her confidence has grown immensely and she absolutely loves going.When her first competition came up last year both Sensei Jackie and Andy made her believe she could do, including the Kumite, and with help and support from others members of the club she had a fantastic time. I would recommend kaizen No-Michi to anyone thinking of starting karate.

Michelle Donson, Grimsby



My son started Karate a little over a year ago. He has autism, although never saw this as a barrier to practicing karate. Sensei's Andy and Jackie are fantastic with him, and the whole "family feeling" of the club is just what is needed to help him feel more secure. The upshot is that the whole understanding and dynamic approach to teaching has ensured that he has moved forward and graded three times already. I'm proud of my son, he's a big achiever. Sensei Andy and Jackie have played a huge part in teaching him in such a way that he can really achieve and succeed. Kaizen No-Michi has passed the test with my son... He continues be reminded that he is capable as he continues to attend the best Karate club, a fantastic "family" club.

Mike Stringer, Grimsby 



My daughter started karate at the age of 5 and has been doing it for 2 years. She now is full of confidence and thoroughly enjoys karate. Sensei's Andy and Jackie are great coaches and roll models for all their students, and because of their friendly approach makes all the difference. It is definitely one big family atmosphere and would definitely reccommend .

Linsey Short, Cleethorpes 



My son has always had alot of energy as well as confidence problems so we were trying to find something for him other than football to concentrate his energy on, my husband came across Kaizen No-Michi and from that first phone call 3 years ago we have all been made to feel part of a fantastic family club. After seeing how much her brother was enjoying it my daughter decided to join too, they are both still enjoying it and doing really well, their confidence and fitness levels are so much better! Sensei's Jackie and Andy are fantastic at getting the best out the kids and making them believe in themselves, they're approachable, friendly and you can see how much they care about every single one of their students.

Amy Lucas, Grimsby



I started Karate just out of coincidence, I happened to walk into Gradely Sports Awards where the club was advertised and where Jackie worked. I soon joined and I loved it, It became addictive, it was a wonderful environment and my confidence grew and I learnt discipline, Unfortunately I moved to Cyprus and consequently I had to leave the club, I joined another club in Cyprus but, unfortunately the atmosphere of being part of a team a family was lost, I left the club in Cyprus, I'm coming back to live in Grimsby and the first thing on my mind is when can I start back at Kaizen No-Michi Hope to see you soon, can't wait!

Lydia Smith, Cyprus



I've passed many gradings of physical and mental endurance. Competed in international competitions. Trained with the worlds most recognised instructors. I've written and published research on karate and spoke about it to many respected academics. And shared this all with some of the greatest people I've met and learn this from two extremely knowledgeable and inspiring sensei's. I train at Kaizen No-Michi, you may have heard of them. For four years I've trained under Andrew Jones Sensei and Jackie Jones Sensei at Kaizen No Michi. And for four years I've been on a path of constant and never ending improvement, both physically and mentally. Frankly there is too much I could say about this dojo and what it's done for my life. But really you need to come and see for yourself what you can get from the passion and inspiration of the instructors and students of this place. I'm certainly on a path of never ending improvement but what paths are out there for you ??

Lewis Simpson, Holton-Le-Clay 



Having starting karate with another club I was introduced to sensei Andy and Jackie and soon joined the club . It's a lot more than a karate club we are a proud karate family . My 9 year old son is a proud member of the kaizen tigers and loves the club . It is indeed the path of constant and never ending improvement

Kevin 'Chef' Pykett, Grimsby 



My son has always been quite shy and he decided he wanted to try Karate, he started a few lessons at school and then joined Kaizen No-Michi, his confidence has grown a lot more now and he enjoys taking part in grading and the competitions. he loves tigers.

Mandy Lou, Grimsby

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