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Proudly Affiliated To

The JAPAN KARATE SHOTORENMEI (GB & Ireland) is directly affiliated to the Japan Karate Shotorenmei. In spring 2003 Alan Campbell, joined the JKS (GB & Ireland) and since has worked hard to promote JKS Shotokan karate.

There is only one chief instructor within the JKS and that is Asai sensei, therefore, affiliated countries have technical directors to maintain standards and guide students. Alan Campbell Sensei 7th Dan is the Chief Technical Director of England.

The aims of the JKS (GB & Ireland) are:
- To teach traditional Shotokan karate as taught at the JKS hombu dojo, Japan.
- To provide a fair, legitimate and democratically run organisation.
- To allow access to the best instruction and competition.
- To have all dan grades registered with Japan.

The EKF is set-up as a democratically elected body for English Karate to cover the whole spectrum of our martial art and to further develop an understanding administration that listens to the needs of all the many aspects of Karate from Sport to Traditional, from the youngest beginner to the most senior instructor.

The EKF is recognised as the official governing body for English Karate by World Karate Federation.

The World Karate Federation is the largest international governing body of sport karate with 191 member countries. It was formed in 1990, is the only karate organization recognised by the International Olympic Committee and has more than ten million members.

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