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Course with Sensei Hans Rana 6th Dan at JKS Grantham - Sun 9th June 2019

What an amazing 2 hours of training with Senior JKS Instructor Sensei Hans Rana 6th Dan. KNM‘s Ben Chase and myself (Andy Sensei) arrived at JKS Grantham and was given a warm welcome from the clubs Chief Instructor Sensei Geoff Dixon 5th Dan and Assistant Instructor Sensei Rob Edwards 3rd Dan.

As always, Hans Sensei’s sessions never disappoint. His sessions are always inspirational and full of energy.

The session began with a lots of leg stretching exercises followed by some kicking drills that all came to light in the second part of the evening. We then partnered up for some basic kumite drills. The first drill - one side attacking with Oi-zuki Jodan, to be countered by the opponent Age-uke, gyaku-zuki. The Drill immediately carried on with the opponent restarting the sequence with Oi-zuki.

This was followed by Mae-geri drills. Kicking very slowly, then later fast.

In the second part of the evening as mentioned, we soon realised what the stretching and kicking drills were intended for. Hans Sensei taught Rantai Kata.

Rantai is a challenging kata with lots and lots of kicking going on: the kanji that spell out Rantai are “乱” which stands for disarray, and “脚” which represents legs. After practicing this kata properly you should find your legs in a state of disarray!

The session continued with some light slow motion kumite. To finish Hans Sensei mentioned that when training with Kanayama Sensei, he always ends his sessions on a high. So in true Kanayama Sensei style we ended the session with a long step Kizami-zuki, Gyaku-zuki, ensuring the back foot is anchored flat to the floor.

On behalf of Ben and myself, I would like to thank Geoff Sensei for welcoming us to his dojo and a very special Domo Arigatou Gozaimasu to Hans Sensei for a truly fantastic evening of Karate.

Everyones legs are going to be sore tomorrow!!! 🙂


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