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KNM Course & Kyu Grading with Sensei Steve Carless 6th Dan JKS 22nd June 2019

The KNM June Course & Kyu Grading came and went, but with students successfully making the grade. The day began with yet another great course taught by Senior JKS Instructor and Chief Instructor of Walsall Karate Dojo, Sensei Steve Carless 6th Dan.

After a good warm up from Luke Wren-Stringer, Steve Sensei started the session off with stepping forward Oi-zuki, but with the transition of moving from Zenkutsu-dachi into Kiba-dachi then forward to Zenkutsu-dachi with correct movement of hips and keeping the heel firmly flat to the floor. The same exercise was repeated but with Mae-geri, then later Mae-geri, Oi-zuki.

Steve Sensei then moved onto practicing Kata's Tekki Shodan, Bassai Dai and Junro Nidan.

After a short break, the grading took place with all students showing some great performances and successfully passing there grades. Well Done to all our students showing Constant & Never-Ending Improvement (Kaizen).

A big Thank You to Steve Sensei for travelling over to Grimsby to conduct another great Course & Kyu Grading at our Dojo. And also many thanks to Steve Furniss & Simon Frost of Selby Karate Club & Frankie Carless of Walsall Karate Dojo for travelling over to train with us. Oss

Grading Results

9th Kyu: Will Barnett

8th Kyu: Owen Taylor

7th Kyu: Adam Chase, Joel Grant, Emily Phillips, Arnas Vilkas

6th Kyu: Vincent Chen, Josh Chen, Kaya Inal

4th Kyu: Toby Wyles

2nd Kyu: Kacper Wroblewski

June Karate Course at Kaizen No-Michi, Grimsby
KNM June Course with Sensei Steve Carless 6th Dan JKS

KNM Grimsby Karate students make the grade.
KNM Karate students make the grade.

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