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The Big Bad Bears were Back for Karate on Cleethorpes Beach Sunday 7th July 2019

Updated: Jul 12, 2019

The sun was definitely shining over Cleethorpes last Sunday as Kaizen No-Michi (Grimsby) along with Haxby & Selby Karate Clubs held its annual event JKS Karate Bears On The Beach.

For those who haven’t been to this event, its an open family picnic on the beach with a little karate. Its a great time to sit and relax on the beach and meet up with some like minded karate friends, as well as some fun training sessions for those who want to join in.

Haxby Karate were one of the first clubs to arrive at the beach. The karate event tent was up and ready before everyone else arrived.

Three training sessions were held throughout the day.

After Kaizen No-Michi Chief Instructor Andy Jones welcomed everyone to the days event, the First session began with a

good warm up and stretch with thanks to Haxby Karate student Lucy

Simon Frost of Selby Karate kicked off the training session with some fun but exhausting Karate fitness based games. After everyone pairing up, Simon soon had everyone running, hopping, squatting and crawling up and down the beach, as well as sit ups and leg raising drills. Even the last game Rock, Paper, Scissors had everyone doing an exercise drill as a forfeit. Well done to Kathy of Selby karate who kindly offered to help demonstrate all the drills 😁

After a chill out on quite a hot beach all three clubs got together for a quick group photo shoot.

Then it was on to round two which was lead by Andy Sensei. The fun began with various kumite reaction drills in pairs, then into threes.

After a quick round of Gohan Kumite (5 step basic sparring),the drill was repeated but with the defender using alternate techniques in Kokutsu Dachi (Back Stance).

Carrying on with the same theme the session lead on to practising Kokutsu Dachi No Kata (Forms)

This was followed by some bunkai (applications) to the kata.

To close the session; As tradition dictates Andy Sensei soon had everyone face planting themselves in the sand with another fun kumite reaction drill. Students partnered up with the defending side jumping up from the sand and countering before the attackers try to tap them on the head, running from three forward progressive points.

Time for another chill on the beach and grab an ice cream. Whilst Christopher and William of KNM enjoyed being buried in the sand, other students decided to go and cool there feet in the sea.

After a call to join in with the last session everyone was invited to train down on the wet sand with Ben Lacey of Haxby Karate. After teaming up into four groups all students lined up to form a square with everyone facing outwards.

Ben ran everyone through Kata’s Heian Shodan & Sandan, Bassai Dai and Enpi.

It wasnt long until everyones dogi bottoms were soaked and covered in sand.

Thank you to Simon and Ben for jumping in at the last minute to teach some very enjoyable sessions.

Thank you to all the students and families/ friends of Kaizen No-Michi, Haxby and Selby Karate Clubs for coming along to yet another successful fun event on Cleethorpes Beach. It was also great to see many new students from Kaizen No-Michi.

And thank you to Jaki Fitz-Simon for being our trigger happy event photographer. Much appreciated.

And last but not least a warm welcome back to Brenda Mitchell of Haxby Karate. We missed ya. x

Look forward to seeing everyone on the beach in January for our 7 day early morning cold training event, Kangeiko.


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