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Wishing all our students a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from Sensei Andy Jones 5th Dan JKS

Another year over, but another year wiser? Maybe, may be not, but certainly another year full of different experiences.

2018 certainly offered different training opportunities and experiences starting with our annual event Kangeiko On The Beach. Our 7 day Intense Karate Winter Training, were Karate-ka turnup at 6am every morning in the freezing cold on Cleethorpes Beach, fully committing to the spirit of Kangeiko. The rewards of building camaraderie, spirit and a sense of joint accomplishment. As always every year we meet up on the beach with our friends from Haxby & Selby Karate Clubs for the last session. We will be back on the beach in the new year for Kangeiko on January 14th. See you their.

We have attended many of the JKS Brown & Black Belt Courses throughout the year. Our Senior Instructors Alan, Matt and Steve Sensei’s have delivered some great and very informative courses. They also attend the JKS international Seminar at Teikyo University in Japan every year as well as the Honbu dojo, bringing back valuable information on improving our karate.

In March KNM students and instructors participated in a Sponsored kick, raising £924 for Sport Relief. Great effort and atmosphere from all our students.

March also saw the return visit of our Chief Instructor Masao Kagawa 9th Dan. Kagawa Sensei was on top form. His ability never ceases to amaze and inspire. His love of karate and his humility shone through the weekend.

In June our friends from Haxby and Selby joined us back in Cleethorpes for our Annual JKS Karate Bears On The Beach. A great day on the beach for a family picnic with a little karate.

In October we attended yet another fantastic course with Kanayama Sensei 7th Dan from JKS Honbu Dojo. As always his intense but fun training sessions always left you sore for many days after but with a smile on your face.

In November two of our students came home with Bronze Medals from the JKS England National Championships. 11 year old Kacper Wroblewski took Bronze in both Kata and Kumite.

Ben Chase fought through 4 fights to gain Bronze in Veterans Kumite.

Well Done guys, an inspiration to all our students.

Well done to all our students that graded this year. As always a high standard from everyone with great feed back from our visiting instructor Steve Carless 6th Dan JKS. I would also like to thank Steve Sensei for his valued support and his enjoyable training sessions at our dojo over the last 11 years and look forward to many more.

Also thank you to everyone that’s travelled over to Grimsby to train. Always Welcome.

If you managed to attend all the courses hosted by us or JKS this year then you most certainly will be wiser for your year’s training. If not try to make more courses next year as we will be attending or hosting a full range of varied courses with some excellent instructors. Make sure you check both the Kaizen No-Michi and the JKS England websites for up and coming courses.

Thank you to our dojo instructors Lynne Short and Luke Wren-Stringer for there support. And also many thanks to Ben Chase and Eden Nicholson for there support.

I sincerely hope you have enjoyed your year’s training and that you come back after the festive break renewed, refreshed, invigorated and ready for some more training hopefully without having put on too many pounds.

Finally, I would like to wish you, your family, friends and loved ones a most joyous and Merry Christmas and a happy, successful and prosperous New Year.


Andy Sensei

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