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Black Belt Success at York Course & Grading - Sunday 17th February 2019

Updated: Jun 8, 2019

Two instructors from our dojo have passed their black belt grading exams. The grading took place in York under Senior JKS Instructors Alan Campbell 7th Dan, Steven Carless 6th Dan and Hans Rana 6th Dan. Sensei Luke Wren-Stringer a Customer delivery driver for Tesco’s received his 2nd Dan (Degree) Black Belt and Sensei Ben Chase who runs his own electrical company received his 1st Dan Black Belt. Both had trained exceptionally hard with a lot of commitment and dedication. They also both received very positive feedback from the grading panel.

The grading followed a course, where sessions were split between Alan Sensei and Steve Sensei. The course covered all aspects of Shotokan Karate including a detailed study of katas Jion and Junro Yondan.

From left: Luke Wren Stringer 2nd Dan, Steven Carless 6th Dan, Alan Campbell 7th Dan,

Andrew Jones 5th Dan and Ben Chase 1st Dan.

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